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Lower quality, perhaps, but is the 60% price increase of an already expensive burger worth it?

I don't care if I eat at a local place or a chain place. I just want some good food for a price that isn't ridiculous. Right now, the prices are ridiculous. I can buy an entire large LaRosas pizza for the price of a burger and fries at this place.
I think you need a better grasp of food cost. Pizza has and will always be one of the cheapest products to make. Looking at their menu, sure it seems lofty but it certainly isn't outrageous. Supposing they're using CAB their price of steaks and prime rib is and actually extremely reasonable given the inflated cost of rib-eye right now. People seem to think that business raise prices based purely on a profit system but between food cost and labor a lot of places come close to just hitting cost with their prices. Most of the profit they expect is from appetizers, desserts and drinks. I've worked at places where the profit margin on a $30 filet was only about $3 again not outrageous, just a product to get you in to buy other products.