Thanks for the article Riverfront. I read Pluto occassionally though I tend to check the Plain Dealer more often. The best read though for the Tribe is actually an amateur site called the Cleveland Indians Report. Pluto had a good article on Skinner and his wife battling cancer recently.

Pluto though seems to be misinformed about BB's defense. While he is better than Hafner and has improved his footwork this spring I hear, he is not a superb 1B as Pluto described him a couple weeks ago. The BB-Hafner part is just one part of a larger article that is sure to please ardent Tribe followers as it reports on how well the young players are performing this spring. Some of it has to do with a motivation to make the big leagues and impress but there is a lot of talent in their organization. Many Tribe fans are unhappy about losing Thome, Alomar etc, but their anger will turn to happiness in a couple seasons.

Chilli, you mean Lawton, not Vasquez right? Shapiro did make a mistake in signing Spencer for the right-handed OF role as that still left them without a backup CF meaning they will have to keep another OF like Magee leaving no room for two 1B since they will go with 12 pitchers (SPencer is the 1B backup). At the time, I wanted them to look at Ochoa for the RH OF and CF backup leaving a space for BB. I do not think Shapiro anticipated BB being so hot this spring. BB is taking flyballs in the OF voluntarily to further his case.

RF, Garcia was with the Yanks last year, but rejoined Cleveland mid-season.