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I have clearly stated why I think your posts were political and why. I guess we disagree. Just because your point wasn't as simplistic as "more nuclear power" doesn't mean it wasn't political. As I said, I think you are correct, the media does a terrible job covering certain stories, and did a very bad job on this story in particular. There are very serious political ramifications of that opinion, though.

You still have not answered the question implied in my last post. Do you think Dom Hefner's posts in that thread were political? I think they are as well. KP clearly stated that DH's posts were political and yours were not. (Or KP just forgot about your posts.) That was the point I disagreed with and responded to.

Finally, I like your posts, even though I disagree with many of them. If I posted here more, I would probably be pushing the limit of what is political as much as I perceive you to be doing.
I will say this. I don't think Dom's comments were constructive. I would have much preferred he give countering arguments and sources instead of just basically saying "you're wrong" and leaving it at that. Posts like that either show that you have no argument or that you're lazy. Which was it?

I will also say that I would not have shut the thread down if it were up to me. You'll have to ask the MOD where he/she saw politics