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Why is it inherently Democrat or Republican (or Libertarian or whatever)?

Isn't it about (the role of government) whether it's beneficial to the public or not? What could possibly twist that into a political direction? Again, one must consciously force a subject into a political one for it to be political, whether intentional, or unintentional (they just don't know how to discuss something without making it political and lack a lot of debating skills).
The singular most defining element of the difference between Liberal, Conservative and Libertarian political philosophies is the role of government in individual lives. Conservatives want less, Liberals want more, and Libertarian want none.

A debate about if and how the local government should invest in public transportation has been probably the most political issue in the history of civilization, going all the way back to the Greeks and Romans.

That said, I think the Streetcar thread is being kept open, because so far it has been a very civil discussion, just like the economy thread, which is just as political. Not to speak for the mods, but I have a feeling that either thread will be shut down the moment it ceases to be civil.