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Like most political issues, I think there is a solution that exists where political discussion can be allowed with little moderation and have little negative effect and everyone can benefit, however, I believe it will take a lot of work, abstract thought/planning, and also a bit of agreement & faith from a large group of people with vastly different personalities, ideas and investment about the issue. So, with that said, I don't think this particular makeup of people who are both in charge & volunteering input can achieve the solution. Even if we try, eventually, we'll reach an intellectual wall where we discover some folks, who previously offered insightful reasons why political discussion is not ideal, reveal that they simply want political discussion banned no matter if there is a solution.

That is a huge obstacle when you are dealing with finding solutions. If you find a solution that works for everyone, that means that there will inevitably be a group of people who were "wrong" about there being no solution. And when people feel like they're being labeled as "wrong", even if it's for the greater good of the main resolution, a lot of diplomacy and civility and logic can quickly dissipate, and it can turn into a very emotional and illogical argument that sabotages the goodwill and good work that has been built. Then everyone gets split into two camps- angry/emotional and tired/frustrated, and instead of the problems being blamed on angry people who want to be right, it gets labeled as "THIS is why politics ruin everything."
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