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Sean Miller went from XU to Arizona at the beginning of a rebuilding process and damn near made the Final Four this season. Tom Crean went from the Final Four at Marquette to one of the biggest rebuilding jobs in the history of basketball at IU. Heck even Thad Matta went from XU to OSU during the period in which OSU faced some NCAA sanctions.

The issue necessarily isn't timing its more budget, salary, and facilities. XU may be a better program than UT but they don't have as much to offer. And when you go to a rebuilding job most of the time that is worked into your salary and expectations.

FWIW I don't think Mack leaves XU. I think he is in his destination job being from XU.
I don't think that is an unfair point, though I'm not sure any of those situations are fair comparisons to this situation.

First and foremost, IU and Arizona are both better jobs than the one at Tennessee. Both programs are among the best in college basketball and have a far greater tradition than Tennessee. Additionally both programs are unquestionably the king of their athletic departments, unlike at UT where football and to a lesser extent women's basketball run the roost.

I think Thad Matta leaving XU for OSU is probably the best comparison, though I don't think Xavier was nearly as good of a program then as it is now.

Maybe I'm totally out of touch with reality but I just don't view UT as a plum job.

Xavier has become a really good program, they've got nice facilities and they've gotten to the point where they can compete for high level recruits with schools from the traditional power conferences. I just don't see the need for Mack to consider jumping ship any time a job comes open at a BCS school.