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Few I think is pretty happy at Gonzaga. IIRC, he has been recruited by a lot of schools in the Pac-10(12) but hasn't shown interest. Arizona and Oregon come to mind.
Not only has he shown no interest in leaving Gonzaga but he also recruits the best of the best. Maryland also has its work cut out for them. I really don't see how much of an upgrade they are over Gonzaga, Arizona, Notre Dame, etc.

Agreed on Tubby. I think he might listen, but Minnesota fans are finding out what Kentucky fans already knew about Tubby. He has to recruit "his" type of players to be successful, ignores the AAU circuit, the game is starting to pass him by, and it is always his players fault because they don't execute.

Come to think of it, that sounds like Gary Williams. I'd pull for Tubby because he is a likable person and would be going against Ole Roy and Coach K twice a year, but I think he's a short term hire who would really set Maryland back.
Minnesota is a low stress program. They allow him to recruit "his type of player". They aren't a program that is driven by championship dreams. He has already been in the pressure cooker and I think he enjoys being out of it.