Adam Foster ( founder) is at Reds camp today watching the Minor Leaguers. He is tweeting about it. I thought I would just update this thread all day with his tweets on what he is seeing:

Getting my first close look at Yorman Rodriguez and Billy Hamilton's swings. Their skills have been vastly exaggerated.

Jefry Sierra looks impressive in the cage, though.

Seems to lack feel getting the barrel on the ball. Don't know how correctable that is RT @PhillyFriar: Hamilton's swing need to be reworked?

Hamilton is an excellent shortstop, though. He's very thin -- built like a gazelle. Ranges easily. Good hands. Strong arm. Fluid defender.

Neither has power. Gordon can swing it better -- and I'm not high on Gordon's bat RT @alskor: How does Hamilton compare to Dee Gordon?

Looked strong enough to me RT @kcscoliny: most others have said Hamiltion doesn't have the arm to play SS

I'd gladly take Ronald Torreyes over Billy Hamilton.

Lotzkar just took himself out mid-outing. He threw a few between-inning warmup pitches then walked back to the dugout pointing to his elbow.

Yep. BP and in-game. Dude is a stud. The most impressive low-minors hitter I've seen this wk RT @dougdirt24: Did you get video of Torreyes?

Hamilton and Yorman Rodriguez look just as unimpressive at the plate in-game action as they did in BP. I don't get the hype at all.

It would be one thing if Hamilton and Rodriguez at least lit it up in BP. They're almost getting the bat knocked out of their hands in-game.

I am sure there is more to come.