I thought you'd enjoy this, which is an extra feature from the Random Thoughts book, which is now available at Amazon.com too.


The Baseball Calendar:

Pitchers and catchers.

Visa problems.

The hitters are getting their timing down and the pitchers are working on a few things.

Tired arm.

Night of the Turk.

Trip North.

That weird first game on the night before Opening Day.

Opening Day.

The kids are in school and the game-time temperature is 42 degrees.

Someone's on a pace.

June swoon.

All-Star voting.

Buyers and sellers.

The last-minute scramble to fill the All-Star lineup after everybody has already voted.

All-Star break.

Despite a $200 million payroll, the Yankees need a losing team's ace.

Trading deadline.

Waiver wire.

September call-ups and interim managers.

Arizona Fall League.

Winter ball.

Hot stove.

Next year.