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I think they could take him on for the last two months of the season (<$3MM to the Reds) without shedding anything substantial- especially if Cast is "serious about winning" and this puts them over the edge. As far as next year goes, they lose Cordero but will still likely have to choose between keeping Ethier or Phillips at $12MM for the year. There could be worse choices to make.
I agree. But I don't think we'd give up much value for a rental. That's not Jocketty's style. And in terms of being forced to choose between Phillips and Ethier, we've got more options in LF than we do at 2B, unless Valaika or Negron really perform well this year.

Also, I haven't seen Ethier play much, so I can't attest to his defense, but UZRs of -8.3, -13.5, and -15.4 suggest to me that he's not an OF. And to top it off, he's a lefty, making us even more lefty heavy.

In a bubble I like the idea. But the more I look at it, the less sense it makes.