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1. Performance of young players such as Brandon Belt, Bryce Harper, and Devin Mes will bring back memories of Space Jam's Monstars.

2. The rest of the division turns out to be really, really bad. Pirates quietly sneak into third place.

3. Oakland's Gio Gonzalez finishes top five in Cy Young.
Number one doesn't sound like anything I'd ever say. At best, I was a year early, but I think what really happened was that Anthony Wiener hacked my account.

I was close with #2, but then the expected collapse came and the Pirates ended up looking worse than ever, almost. McCutcheon's still one of my favorite non-Reds.

Gio might have made it if he hadn't had a recent bad spell. He was playing with the AL ERA lead for a while, I think, but has pitched poorly lately.

At least I missed in different ways than most. 'course on Twitter I picked Bruce and Dunn as MVP's.