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It actually is more meaningful than some other games because its against a team we are directly competing against. A win for us is a guaranteed loss for them. A win against the Braves doesn't mean the same for us winning our division. To top it off, this was a win against a team that is supposed to be key competition against us. And then of course is the fact that todays win was a two game swing over them. If we lost, we only have 1 game up on them, but because we won, we are 3 games up on them.
Also, it served notice to the entire Brewers team that our 11-3 record against them last year will not be improved upon if they don't find a way to play better. The other critical thing was we owned their closer. They even put him in today in a "no pressure" situation, perhaps to regain some confidence, and he was knocked around by the bottom of our order and late inning replacements. In the final standings, this series doesn't mean any more than any other, but it was a huge psychological boost which can carry through the season. The Reds played the way they played all of last year...good aggressive, fundamental baseball. They are a joy to watch.