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Got to love that UNC squad-- depth everywhere with McAdoo playing behind all three Tar Heel bigs. Hairston, Barnes, and Bullock need to be able to stroke the 3, as do Strickland and Marshall. That will be the determining factor in Carolina's quest for the championship.

UK, OTOH, would be questionable underneath, IMO. Jones could post almost anyone, but he has to learn a couple moves. (An up and under would be nice to see, as would an effective baby hook.) Miller would kill most small forwards if he posts, but I'd put a big on him anyway. Davis is willowy and Wiltjer is young and hasn't played all that much with athletes this special.

Actually, when you look over CBB, only Duke and Kansas look like they may take serious steps backward. Memphis looks really good. I like Washington's team. Lousville looks intriguing. Pitt is solid, especially if they return their lead guard, Gibson. (Though, with others not entering the draft, he may see an opportunity.) MSU will be much, much better. Michigan looks really loaded. Vandy even looks good. Florida will be fun to see play, too.
I'm still not buying it, but mostly because of how the dribble drive works. This is going to be the most DDMO-centric offense Calipari has had since he has been at Memphis. Cal has had to adapt to big men the past couple of seasons in using Cousins/Orton two years ago and Harrellson last season. This year he has the Robert Dozier types that made him successful at Memphis.

Mismatches slice both ways. You might have a big underneath such as Zeller and Henson but when you are going against the dribble drive you have to pull them out from under the rim where they are the most effective. Otherwise you are going to have four or possibly even five guys who can spread the floor and stroke it from deep.

As for other teams, the one outside of UNC that worries me next season is UConn again. They are losing Kemba but the rest of that team is still young and very talented. If Shabazz Napier and Jeremy Lamb pick up where Kemba left off and they can get some production out of Boatwright they are going to be scary again.