Hello fellow Reds enthusiasts!

Not much to say other than I am passionate about the Reds and really enjoy watching every game!

Originally from Dayton, Ohio, I took at position in sports information working with the baseball team at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Fla. about three years ago! I really enjoy where I work because it has given me a chance to see future MLB players prior to being drafted... most noteably Chris Sale, who was drafted 13th overall by the White Sox after leading the nation in K's at FGCU.
I also had the privelage of seeing Yonder Alonso and Yasmani Grandal when they competed against FGCU multiple times over the past two seasons!!

I also currently work for Perfect Game Baseball USA, which is the world's largest youth baseball recruiting network! It has allowed me to see many of the game's future stars in the young stages of their careers!

I look forward to chatting/interacting with everyone during the games! I watch all the games on MLB.tv and will always be on my computer!

Feel free to hit me up anytime!!
Caleb a.k.a FloridaBuckeye
You can follow me on twitter @calebmbaker