As of the time of this post, Jay Bruce is hitting .279/.348/.481 over his last 604 PA which shows nice improvement on his career .256/.325/.469 (1443 PA) line. Taking out the "stat salad," this means more contact, walks and strikeouts. Barring injury, it doesn't seem farfetched that he ends up being a 4.5-5.5 WAR/.350-ish wOBA player this season.

Drew Stubbs checks in with .255/.329.443 in his last 620 PAs vs. a career .258/.328/.442 (in 800-ish PAs...sorry, closed my "research window" and can't muster up the strength to look it up again!) line. Not really much to compare there other than to say he maybe, perhaps, could be improving his eye a little bit. He's also an excellent defender at a premium defensive position; I'm sure all of us can affirm that he's fast. I think he could be a 3-ish WAR player this year.

Jonny Gomes is hitting .263/.334/.429 over his last 601 PAs which is an interesting juxtaposition to his career .246/.331/.460 (2385) line. The good thing is, he's making more contact and striking out less, the bad thing is, he still doesn't walk very often and...well, let's not talk about that defense. He still has a cool haircut while providing a lot of "demonstrative effort imagery" and you'd probably want him on your side in a fight. I think it's likely he'll end up being a 0-1 WAR player with a .325-ish wOBA this season.