Not sure how many of you watched entire game last night, but Ryan Hanigan put on a clinic behind the plate last night. He was simply awesome. He took a couple balls off of his right shoulder (no padding), but continued to block each and every pitch thrown in the dirt. He kept the ball in front of him and under control every single time. He made several very, very tough scoops with runners on. He threw the ball well and got rid of it quickly, and with great footwork. And I'm pretty sure when Masset gave up the lead he scolded him on the mound, telling him he cost one of his teammates a win after a great start. I swear that's what I read from his lips. It wasn't a "pep-talk" or a "don't worry about it" talk. I recorded the game and am going to show it to my 12 year old as an example of how that position should be played. I can't remember the last time I saw a game caught as well as last night's game was. Wanted to hear others' opinion, or if they even noticed.