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I'm all for Green and LeShore (don't think Ponder and Ingram will be available). No way no how do I want the Bengals to draft a QB this year. Too many issues with the ones available and next year's looks more promising. Stockpile weapons with Green and LeShore to add to Gresham and Shipley, then draft either Andrew Luck or Matt Barkley next year. I believe we will be in bad enough shape to pick one of those two next year.
Yep, More smoke rising this afternoon that ALL the QBs of interest will be gone in the first round. If that is the case, a top offensive or defensive lineman will drop, maybe a corner. I don't like any of them that much. The Bengals are screwed either way for 2011, so might as well take best player available and go after a veteran free agent QB or live with El Sickness or Jordan Palmer this season, because they likely will stink bad enough to earn a chance at Luck or Barkley.

If they got AJ Green, and then someone like Marvin Austin at the top of round two I would be happy.