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I agree. However, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that they passed on local hero, Tanden Doss in round 4, who would have given the receiving corp a shot in the arm and helped the return game,as well. I was even more disappointed that Doss went to the Ratbirds..Yuck!

From where I'm sitting, they could have taken Doss and gone after someone like John Clay, who wasn't drafted, later to fill the battering-Ram role. But, as you stated, it's difficult to second guess Polian, and the receiving corp should benefit from the return of Clark and Gonzalez.

Still, plenty to smile about.
I was hoping they would take Doss as well, I think he would be been a good solid fill in for when Anthony Gonzalez gets hurt on the third play of the season. I think Doss would have been a plus on special teams as well.

Hopefully getting the two offensive linemen will help the short game running along with the bowling ball running back. Hopefully they get Kevin Thomas back in the secondary and they stay relatively healthy and make a run next year.