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His upside in regards to his talent level. Sure, the odds are dropping rapidly as to whether he'll ever live up to that talent...but for now, it's still there.

But I'm right with you in regards to his overall performance since being a Red and heck since being in the bigs period. He's a middle of the rotation pitcher thus far. He had a great half season stretch...but was it any better than Homer's half season stretch? Or Leake's half season stretch? I'd say they're pretty close to one another. But based on the full body of work...middle of rotation right now.
Talent level doesn't mean diddly if you can't throw strikes. Talent level doesn't mean diddly if you are getting shelled in the first inning of every start. Talent level doesn't mean diddly if you are taking advantage of it.

At some point that talent level has to become a reality. It just can't be year after year of saying "he has TOR potential". IMO I don't think it ever manifests itself. Even when he is one he hasn't shown the ability have the necessary control to work late into games. He has great stuff but he is his own worst enemy when it comes to control and command.

At this point I think we are seeing what Edinson is going to become. A guy who has stuff that can dazzle you but never fully puts it together.