I really like Wood, but he probably punched his ticket down to Louisville tonight. I'm not saying it's fair or he should be sent down, but the Reds simply have too many good pitchers and not enough spots. It's crazy saying that out loud given the lost decade, but it's true.

Cueto is the best pitcher the Reds have (IMO) and Bailey is out of options. That means 2 guys are going. LeCure is an obvious choice (or Maloney and LeCure takes his spot), but it's going to come down to Leake vs. Wood most likely when Bailey and Cueto are back. The interesting thing is...Leake and Wood are very close overall with their numbers thus far, you could really go either way. But I think because Wood has struggled more times recently than Leake and because Leake has more service time (albeit not much more), Wood will probably be the guy to go down.