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So, Calipari doesn't take reclamation projects? Since recruiting Tony Woods made UofL look slimy does it make UK look slimy as well?
There are a lot of players I would take right now over Tony Woods (Trevor Lacey, Ryan Harrow, DeAndre Daniels topping the list), but if Cal thinks that Woods is legit both in production and off court issues being over, that's good enough for me.

UK is always going to be perceived as slimy and Woods coming here isn't going to change that. Adolph Rupp was a racist, Cal has had two final four appearances vacated, Emery Worldwide package etc.

What I don't understand is that a lot of Louisville fans have said that Woods likely would be a benchwarmer for them but a lot of UK fans have him starting and pushing Jones to SF and Davis to PF. I don't get it.