The only problem I see with the UK UNC matchups is that Gilchrist has basically been assured a starting spot. Also see UNC's lineup being different than the one you laid out

My take:

PG-Marshall > Teague *

I'm projecting the December matchup, but come March this one could be equal or flip in UK's favor. The only reason I give Kendall Marshall the edge right now is a year more experience. Cal gets the most out of his PG's come March and Teague IMO profiles more as a Rajon Rondo than any PG UK has had (and Rondo isn't a Cal product). His job will be defense and distributing the ball, and I think Teague will be perfect in that role.

SG-Lamb > Strickland

I think Lamb beats out Miller for the other starting spot, but Lamb gets this nod based on shooting ability alone.

SF-Barnes > Kidd-Gilchrist*

This one also could be equal come March. Barnes is better right now, but MKG could be on par with him when all is said and done.

PF-Jones > Henson

Henson's size and length makes this a tough call, but Terrence Jones' all around game gives him the edge.

C-Davis = Zeller

Pretty much the same thing you said.

Bench: UNC. UK will only run about eight deep with Vargas, Lamb/Miller, and Wiltjer getting most of the minutes. UNC has a deeper lineup that can provide a lot of different looks, especially with Reggie Bullock and PJ Hairston both as capable shooters if needed. McAdoo is probably a serious sixth man of the year candidate. Leslie McDonald is out for the season too.

Coaching: Equal.