Some praise from Basketball Prospectus.
This year already looks like it will represent a return to the old Calipari ways on D. Opponents have managed just 0.77 points per possession, and no one’s scored a point per trip against UK. (Portland holds the current record: 0.91 points per possession in their 87-63 loss to the Cats in Lexington last Saturday. Eric Reveno, I salute you!) And as if to make things easy for you, the viewer of tomorrow’s game, Kentucky has concentrated all of their defensive excellence into just one category: defending shots. Everything else — rebounding, forcing turnovers, etc. — is just what you’d see from a normal team, but when it comes to forcing misses UK’s on another planet. This year opponents have made just 33 percent of their twos and 27 percent of their threes.

Give a lot of the credit for that first number to 6-10 freshman Anthony Davis, who’s blocking an absurd 17 percent of opponents’ twos during his minutes. Even better he’s doing it without fouling — this kid can be on the floor whenever Calipari wishes.