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On another note. Here in Indiana they started a crossroads tournament. This past year IU played Notre Dame and Purdue played Butler(Moving to the A-10 BTW). I think that would be great for an alternative solution for IU/UK's impasse. The border challenge. Louisville and UK matched up against IU and Purdue/Notre Dame. I am placing my ticket order right now!!!!!!!!!
The only problem would be it would have to be Purdue (or Butler) if you want to have an IU-UK game. I'm sure Notre Dame and Louisville wouldn't go for facing each other before conference play.

I do like the Crossroads Classic idea that Indiana did and I would like to see Kentucky do something similar in-state. Only problem is outside of Kentucky and Louisville, not a lot of competitive teams on a consistent basis. Murray State is good now, but two years from now it could be WKU, Morehead, or none of the above.