How are your basements doing these days? My sump pump is working like crazy but so far it's held up. Unfortunately the other side of the basement sprung a couple leaks on Saturday and now I'm dealing with that. I patched those pots and it's been dry since but I'm not looking forward to more rain. I'm still trying to dry out the carpet from Saturday. My foundation guy suggested installing a 2nd sump pump at a cost of $2K. I'm not ready to jump at that. I'm thinking that this is a historical wet period we're in right now and it's stessing all kinds of things.

You all probably already know that we're into the wettest April on record but you might not know that we're headed towards the wettest month ever on record and that was March in 1937 when we got 13". Of course that was the yr we had the great flood. The Ohio River reached Third St and went to 80 ft. I don't think we'll ever see another crest that high due to the dam system now in place but wow is it wet!