About 2 weeks ago my Linksys N series router died on me. I had a brand new Belkin N series in reserve and installed it. Everything went fine. I have 2 other desktops and 3 laptops in my home network [Yeah, I got teenagers].

Anyway - I keep getting occasional error messages on some of these computers in the network that says there is a "IP Address conflict". But even getting that message I'm still, for the most part, able to get on the 'net. But I have recently started to have some problems on a couple of the computers in the network. I'll be on-line, on a certain site, and when I try to go to another page on that site I'll all of a sudden get that "can't find website" message. But I still show having a solid internet connection. And when I try to open other websites it still works. Then, a couple minutes later, when I go back to that particular site, or close out my browser and come back in, it works again. And I'm having this problem with any browser I use.... Chrome, IE, or Opera.

Is there an IP Address conflict somewhere that is causing this sporadic problem? And how do I correct it? Would appreciate any assistance in this matter.