I thought this was inevitable. For a coach that prides himself on integrity, Tressel went completely against everything he supposedly stood for and really seriously screwed the pooch. There was no way he could go into any recruit's living room, look Mom and Dad in the eye, and say "you can trust me to do the right thing for your son". No. Way.

He's been dead-man-walking since the Sugar Bowl. From his body language and comments at the end of that game, I think he knew the fecal storm was coming and there was no way for him not to get out of this with his reputation and character intact.

And I think they go with Luke Fickell for this year. And then all the big names get rumored to come to OSU in 2012 and the rumor mill will be blasting away full-steam. It still will be one of the top 5 college coaching jobs in the country.