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I can see OSU winning 4 games to finish out the season. As long as Bauserman doesn't set foot on the field I think OSU is a dangerous team to play. They have a top notch defense which can keep them in most games. They key for the remainder of this season is to see Braxton Miller's development. Throwing only 4 passes in a game is nice but I would hope as the season goes on he will chuck it up more. It may not happen until the Indiana, Purdue, and PSU games.

8-4 is doable and I think 7-5 would be a tremendous disappointment for all Buckeye fans. While it is unlikely to happen I would like to see OSU give Wisconsin all it can handle, especially knowing that Wisconsin has ruined a couple of OSU's great seasons.
It will be a little odd with OSU being the big underdog to Wisconsin. But a nighttime game at the Shoe with a roaring mega crowd could even things out a little.

Maybe its just me, but Luke Fickell seems to have gotten his feet under him and has some of his deer-in-the-headlights look.