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So much for giving Syracuse a nice ACC sendoff courtesy of 500+ yards of offense. (a friend of mine said that earlier this week, I am going to bring that up tomorrow for sure. )

The officiating sucked, but Geno was awful tonight. I don't know if playing in a dome affected him or what but his passes floated in the air just waiting to be picked.

Seemed like WVU just waited for a bailout that never came. I thought WVU would come back and win it when they marched down the field on the first possession of the second half. Once Syracuse went up on the next possession, its just like the team rolled over and quit (save Starks TD catch in the 4th quarter).

If I am a WVU fan I would be a bit alarmed right now. Rutgers isn't looking too bad right now and with road trips to Cincinnati and South Florida left to go, they could end up dropping more games than originally thought.

Either way, Doug Marrone has WVU's number.
We shall see what kind of coach Holgorsen is, Syracuse gave a pretty good idea for people to use against our offense (blitz early and often and everything). Geno played like crap, the line played like crap, defense played like crap, special teams played like crap. Could they have been believing the headlines? Possibly, it just seemed to be one of those nights that EVERYTHING Syracuse tried turned to freaking gold.