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I'm not insulting or bashing you but WVU is not all that great and doesn't bring much to the table as far as a BCS status goes, and this is coming from a die-hard lifelong WVU fan and graduate.

What I'm saying is that if WVU leaves the Big East the conference can survive with an automatic BCS berth. Hell WVU only has 2 of them and that was during the White/Slaton era of 05-07.

WVU was only relevant on a National Scale during the Major Harris and Pat White/Steve Slaton era.
For the Big East, WVU brings realistically the closest thing to a powerhouse school. I say that because if WVU runs the table minus the LSU game, they are likely top 10 and play in a BCS bowl with the likelihood of being able to compete against somebody from another conference.

WVU losing to Syracuse Friday night was really the worst thing that could have happened to the Big East as a conference. The conference needed a dominant team to surge in the polls and hold their own in a BCS bowl. With WVU losing the way they did and the schedule not looking much better, odds are a team ranked in the 20-25 range will play for a BCS bid and get throttled.