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I think Dana H needs to be given the opportunity to bring his own coaches in and make the program his. I expected there to be some mess this season because of the way the transition happened (I started to say 'was handled' but it wasn't handled, it just happened.) We've had two losses that shouldn't have happened and still have Cincinnati, probably the best league team on the schedule, to go. The school needs to gain a bit of stability before tackling the Big 12*.
I agree, I don't know if I agree wholly though. The whole mess of the casino, Stew's idiocy, the Pittsburgh reporter et all really put DH and WVU behind the 8-ball. This year was suppose to be a year of transition, now he's had to learn by the seat of his pants and at times he's shown his inexperience. This team doesn't reflect him because outside of a very few people isn't his. He already overhauled the offensive coaching staff and I feel very secure in saying that the staff as a whole is much better (and probably the best its been since Trickett left).

I mean just look at the advancement of the O-Line a unit that was a cause of great heartburn the last couple years. They don't have the depth but they have far exceeded my expectations for this year and I think it is a testament to the caliber of coaches that DH brought in.

I don't know about the two losses that shouldn't have happened. We got completely manhandled by Syracuse in a perfect storm kind of night, it happens when you play in a conference where you are perceived (rightly or wrongfully) to be everyone's super bowl. Playing in the Big 12 we won't be anyone's super bowl and maybe we will start to find that swagger we had during the Rich Years and earn back that sort of respect in a REAL conference. Louisville a case could be made that WVU should have won by 10+ but they wanted it more.

We haven't had a team play with any emotion since the Fiesta Bowl. When we had Pat White, Steve Slaton, and company we could get away with it (most weeks) but Geno has had a good year but he still has a few things to learn and the lack of a d makes it difficult. As I said after Syracuse I think we have a gage on how good/bad this team.

Here is my grades on JUST the Louisville game:
Offense B- Not getting a td after that INT was HUGE. Geno's attempted rushed fade at the end of the 3rd was HUGE. We have got to clean up some minor things.
Defense C They made some plays, I'd argue they made "enough" to win yesterday. They still lack the depth to really go after it like the 3-3-5 should. Its kind of grown on me while I play Madden and watch it but its much better when you can be aggressive out of it and Casteel hasn't been this year.

Special Teams F.. no that grade is too good for it I give Special Teams an I for incompetent. Besides the Starks return to start the game absolutely NOTHING went well for this unit. The shank punt right before half gave Louisville the field position they needed to go after the defense, a decent punt even to the like 25 most likely puts Louisville in just get to half time as is. Missed Chip Shot was a HUGE swing of momentum. The blocked kick was the difference in the game and a 10 pt swing in a matter of moments.