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Boss-Hog, please don't think in ANY way whatsoever that I blame you or RedsZone for this...it isn't your guys fault whatsoever. It's just one of those things that happens. And yes, me not keeping my antivirus, etc. up-to-date and running made me EXTREMELY susceptible. I was actually thinking I might not have gotten it from RZ, but 3 ppl. who all seemed to become infected the same day/around the same time makes me almost 100% certain that it came from here. I think it's just too much of a coincidence to think otherwise.

But once again, it's NOT your fault and I'm NOT upset w/you or w/Redszone....nothing like that at all. So no need for you to apologize about it Boss!

Alls well that ends well, and thus far, it appears as though, if I have not gotten it 100% entirely, I've gotten rid of most of it and most everything that it disrupted on my computer. I have Thursday off, so I'm going to take some time Thursday night and go through my computer quite intensely, making sure that I either have it 100% done away with or that I get whatever aspects might possibly be left of it.

One thing I am no longer going to do is leave my computer running 24/7. Up until this happened, I NEVER shut my computer off (only when going away on vacation, etc. where I would be away for like a week or better), but otherwise, my computer ran all the time. Now, anytime I leave or am going to be away from it for a while, I go ahead and shut it down. I've really narrowed out a lot of programs I had that were set to "start up @ start up" which could make starting my computer up seemingly take FOREVER, but now, I only have like one prog. the starts @ start up, so it takes no-time for my computer to boot up now which makes shutting it down/rebooting up no big deal now.

I hope the guy that said all of his parents files got wiped out reads this thread and tries the unhide.exe prog. - I would hate to see his parents "lose" their files, thinking they're gone when the malware has simply "hidden" them. I've had a HD crash before and lost hundreds and hundreds of files and I darn well KNOW what a total pain in the butt that is. It can be a damn near nightmare to be honest, depending upon how many/what type of files you have. Kinda makes a person give serious thought to signing up for one of those "Carbonite" type programs! They're pretty inexpensive and if a HD DOES actually fail, they have all of your files backed up for you! I very well might go ahead and sign up for one of those services, I just think it would be worth every penny!!!

Oh yeah Boss, thanks for keeping us all updated on this as well!

Take Care man!
No problem...thank you for the nice (and thorough) post.