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Anyone experience any malware/virus issues as of late? I tried to log in here from another PC last night and believe I may have gotten some kind of virus just from starting to type my log on. It wouldn't allow me to finish typing it and then I had this fake (i'm assuming) window/alert pop up and couldn't close it so I hit the scan button attached to said alert and the next thing I know this thing is shutting down this PC due to "lack of hard drive space" or something along those lines (this after the scan took place). I eventually get the PC back up but now my desktop icons and programs are inaccessible (not even visible). Unfortunately it wasn't my PC and could be a big problem for me, anyone know of anything?

Also Macafee seemed to make note of something at that time as well.
Our host ran a scan and could not find any infected files. With regards to the quoted post, they wanted to know this:

Could you please specify in which URL you faced the issue ? If possible could you please get back to us with the exact steps(URL and login details) to recreate the issue at our end.