“The Long Ball” about the ’75 season (Great book), and in it they told the story about a light-hitting 3B the Reds had before they moved Rose there (can’t remember his name), who Sparky pinch-hit for in the second inning. The guy was obviously livid and railed on Sparky for “killing his confidence” and Sparky replied, “I don’t give a @#$* about your CONFIDENCE! I’m here to win ballgames, and if I think pinch-hitting for you in the first inning will help me do it, I will.”

Hello Dusty...remove Gomes...stop worrying about his confidence and such, and this view..

“I’m trying to be patient, waiting on Jonny, because I know how he can carry your club,” Baker said. “He’s putting a lot of pressure on himself, being his option year. If he doesn’t play some, he’s not going to get it at all.”

Baker said that Gomes, a former American Leaguer with Tampa Bay, is the top candidate to be the designated hitter when the Reds visit Cleveland this weekend.