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For a minute lets ignore Ryan Ludwick's 2008 season which I think was a fluke, an anomally, a statical outlier, whatever you want to call it. What do you have?

What I see is a pretty mediocre guy who turns 33 in a month. Does anybody honestly believe that Joey Votto is suddenly going to see better pitches because the ominous presence of Ryan Ludwick on deck?

He is a marginal upgrade plus a rental. He does not fix anything long term and hardly provides the offense necessary to out slug our pitching problems.

People throw out names like Kemp or Beltran which I am not sure are realistic financially, but I get it. They are significant upgrades and would have a ripple effect up a down the lineup and those I can get behind. I have no interest in dabbling on the margins which is what Ludwick is.
Lets remember Ludwich is right now playing in one of the worst hitting parks in baseball in SD. While in Cincy his numbers would be better. Also he wouldn't or shouldn't be hitting 4th, he would be in teh 5 spot.