1. What to do with David Dewitt Bailey? He breaks down quite often. How do you get value for the guy? It appears to be that you make him a closer. Closing allows him to pitch a limited number of innings and more importantly defines for him a role that is more suited to his intellect.

2. Anyone feel Bruce is about 10-15 punds heavier than he was last year? Maybe it's my tv.

3. Limitations of WAR. 40-45 balls that flew in Jay Bruce's area last year -have headed toward Fred Lewis this year. Surely, things will even out, but at this pont, it looks like Bruce has lost 5 steps (he hasn't) and Fred Lewis has become Carl Crawford (he hasn't). It's just one of those early season sample size flukes, but i bet it impacts how Bruce is perceived by many.

4. Why does Heisy have trouble hitting lefties? He has a slight hitch in his swing which allows him to time a righties slider, but also impacts his ability to get out in front of a lefties inside fastball.

5. If the umps are not gonna allow Phillips to cheat off the bag when he turns the DP- they need to also enforce guys sliding and not coming within 3 feet of that same bag.

6. Edgar Rentaria has terrible footwork. Twice a game he stops moving his feet and has to make up for it with his hands. These are the short cuts old guys make when they can't get moving. Only problem is -his lack of quality footwork turns into 2 potential misplays a game. He looks OLD. Btw, is he really his stated age?

7. Good comp for Drew Stubbs is Chet Lemon.