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Guys, go ahead and roast me alive for my first ever OOTP trade, which I made 4 weeks into the Reds 2011 season:

Alonso, Hernandez, and Hermida for

Mike Cameron and 3B prospect David Renfroe.

Renfroe is still in A-ball but with a ton of potential. I "shopped" Alonso, and BOS said they'd take him for Renfroe. I added in Hernandez and Cameron, so I could call up Mes and help the OF (Heisey's been really struggling for me), then proposed the trade. Theo Epstein e-mailed back and said he'd do it if I added Hermida. So I did.

Also, why are all the opposing GMs so... grumpy.

That's a smart and fair trade, IMO. Good work.

What is your rotation?