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Renaming the awards is a great idea.

I am now in my 8th season already. I quick-sim all the regular season games one by one and examine the box scores after every game. I play out the playoff games manually.

My team has done quite well, having made the playoffs 6 out of 7 years including one World Series title. The Milwaukee Brewers somehow ended up as the big market powerhouse in this fictional league and they are in the same division as my Reds of course. They have had the best record in baseball every single year except one, and that was the year I won the World Series. I have made the playoffs 6 times but 5 of those have been as the first Wild Card because those dang Brewers always finish ahead of me.

One thing I have noticed is that free agency has run amok. It seems like half the players in the league are free agents in any given offseason. Before this season I decided to change the free agency eligibility to 7 years of service time (it was 5). Hopefully this will calm things down a bit.

My team has run into payroll difficulties. I don't spend any money on the free agent market but it has become very difficult to afford the costs of keeping all my good players under contract. It takes a few seasons to figure out how all the financial aspects of the game function, but I think I am getting the hang of it now.

My player Howard Garner is the all-time career leader in OPS and wOBA and is 3rd in VORP. For some reason he has not played at a star level the last 1.5 years despite his ratings staying the same as before. Maybe I should change my hitting coach.

I find the game to be tons of fun. The game results and season stats seem very realistic. The options are endless. I could tinker with this game for eons.
I always play with reserve clause financials and limit my trading. That way I have to build with the draft, and can't go crazy in FA. I turn the scouting off, can't stand it. I play with actual ratings off, but potential ratings on.