Anybody else play disc golf here?

Last fall a new neighbor asked me out for a round. I bought some discs on the drive back home.

I live in the Miami Valley area, so I have played the courses in Troy, Piqua, Englewood, Belmont, and Clayton. Piqua had a blind draw, best disc, doubles tournament last week that I tried. It was interesting to see others play, their approch to certain holes, and their shot selection.

I took to driving pretty quickly, and can outdrive most on a consistent basis. Having only played 20 rounds or so, my technical skills are pretty weak and I have a very small set of shots I can pull off. Approach shots are improving at a good pace, and I can make most of my 10-15 ft putts.

I recently found a few instructional videos on Youtube so I am looking forward to learning some new tricks.

For those that have played, what are your favorite course? What do you like about them? (distance, technical, etc.)