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I'm not sure Cordero would accept a 1-year $9.6MM deal. This could be his last chance to get a multiyear deal. By accepting arbitration, he'd be one year closer to 40 without a multiyear contract. If I were him, I'd seek a 2 or 3 year contract at $8 or $9MM per rather than go year-to-year at this point, especially after the season he's having so far this year. I think he's likely to get it, too.

I'd pick up Phillips' option for 2012 but let him walk afterwards unless he was willing to sign a 3 or 4 year deal at $11MM per. If he requires more than $11MM annually (which he likely will), I'd offer him arb, let him walk and take the picks.

I would not offer arb to Hermida or Lewis. Too many options for LF in AAA (unless one or more of those guys is traded at the deadline.) Jury is still out on Arredondo and Burton.
There is a big difference between the like of Phillips and Cordero. Cordero has shown to be a volatile closer during his tenure as a Red. Going forward you have to wonder if he will be able to land a closing job heading forward. I don't see a team paying him 10M/season over multiple seasons. Cordero really rolls the dice if he decides to run down arb and enter free agency. On a side note can a team buy a player out of his option and then offer him arb?

Phillis on the other hand is a guy who could demand a nice free agent contract when he enters FA. You pick up his option, try and sign him to an extension, all the while knowing that if he doesn't sign he will be a Type A FA. I don't see anything wrong with picking up his option for next season and then going from there.