80 games in for the Reds, one game short of the halfway point. Who do YOU think wins the NL Central? Standings as of 6/27:

Brewers 44-35
Cardinals 41-38 (3 GB)
Reds 41-39 (3.5 GB)
Pirates 39-38 (4 GB)

Run differential:
Reds +41
Brewers +27
Cardinals +16
Pirates -12

Reds 43-36
Brewers 42-37
Cardinals 41-38
Pirates 37-40

So what is YOUR prediction. Who do you think walks away with the Central Division? I will go on record saying I truly believe the Reds will be the champions. I think the Reds best baseball is yet to come, and the fact that they have a +41 differential in what has seemed like such a mediocre season says a lot about the true talent level of this team.