Mike you are right about Bell. The Cards have been linked to him. Lets say the Cards get Bell. Then they go out & get a SS (and move Theriot to 2B). suddenly its a whole new race. I would bet the odds of something like this happening as better than the Reds going out & fixing their holes.
Theriot is an enigma in my opinion. I have lived with his defense because he has been a very good lead off hitter for the Cards this season. We haven't had a lead off hitter this consistent in years. That said, I don't know if moving him to second would be the answer. He hasn't proven to be competent playing defense at 2nd in his career. I think it is a situation where the Cards will just have to live with his defense at SS for the rest of the season.

Again I have to ask you "You do understand this is a Reds board". You continually seem confused when no one shows the Cards much love.
That doesn't mean there can't be logical discussion on the issues. You may hate the Cards but analysis such as "oh they are just regressing to the means" isn't exactly the most thought out thought process I have seen. Brutus does an excellent job of detailing why he thinks the Cards won't last. The whole analysis of "regressing to the means" that you constantly bring up is frankly weak. For example, in one of McClellans starts it was commented on as the regression to the means argument. It was a rather lazy analysis because in that start, McClellan came back from the DL and made some minor adjustments to his wind-up. There are very few pitchers who are sharp coming back from the DL esp. if they are figuring out a new delivery to the plate. Yeah you can criticize the Cards all you want. I have no problem with it and expect it on a Reds board. However if you are going to do it at least bring something of substance to the plate.