Now, lets discuss Berkman. I can't believe he's still hitting, but he keeps doing it, even against LH pitching. So, do you give him an extension? How much and how many years. How far would you go?
lol dang I thought I was just going to leave it in my last message but this is actually an intriguing question. I think maybe Berkman is at the point in his career where he might sign for less if that means staying on a winning ballclub. Sure, he could sign for the big bucks but I get a feeling he really likes the chemistry on the Cardinals. Who knows. What ever happens he has been pleasure to watch and I wish more power to him where ever he goes.

By the way, I think the injury Pujols had was kind of misunderstood a bit. Many people said it was a broken wrist but it was actually a non-displaced fracture on the forearm and it was almost like a hair-line fracture of sorts. The Cards kind of made it sound worse than it really was. Pujols is still playing with the "fracture" but normal baseball activities will not hurt it more or there isn't a greater chance that it will become worse. Pujols has played through pain all his career so it didn't really surprise me that he came back as soon as he did.