ESPN's Schoenfield weighs in with a gem

Molina's spittle may have been unintentional, but his outburst was unprofessional and considering it happened in the 10th inning of a crucial game for his club, an alarming brain lock and lack of discipline for a veteran player.

As for the Cardinals going after Braun, it's typical La Russa. His guy gets hit -- La Russa even said he thought it was unintentional -- so he then intentionally hits your guy. This stuff seems to happen much more often with the Cardinals, doesn't it? I can't fault La Russa for wanting to protect his star, but his eye-for-an-eye behavior isn't going to stop teams from pitching inside to Pujols. La Russa knows that's part of the game, and his insistence on retaliation has become a tiresome and dangerous tactic.

But it makes for interesting baseball, issues to debate, and yet another club and fan base that finds the Cardinals rather loathsome. (Cincinnati welcomes you to the club, Milwaukee.)