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Internet rumors have TLR moving back to the ChiSox after this year, and working for his friend Reinsdorf in some capacity, if not on the field. If so, things will go back to normal between the Cards and the rest of the NL Central, and the drama unfold anew in Chicago.

The Cardinals have always been a very good baseball organization, and I don't expect that will change when TLR moves on.

and I fully agree- I love watching them whine. Really, I laugh every time.
This* I actually used to have a soft spot in my heart for the Cardinals back before the days of the Central division. I just can't stand Larussa and Carpenter. I honestly don't know which one is worse out of those two. I never followed Carp before he became a Cardnial, was he always this whinny or did he pick it up from TLR?