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Tony is such a freakin' liar.

First he says nothing was intentional, it was just inside. Then he said they were trying to throw a message. Then he said no it was just inside. Then after the reporter mentioned it looked intention, he starts going off on the Brewers for throwing inside.

He was changing his story so many times in that interview I can't keep it straight. Which is it Tony... were you just throwing inside, were you sending a message or were you upset they were throwing in on Pujols? LOL
Okay, I don't get that at all from his comments. It sounds to me like his idea of sending a message is to simply throw inside and brush the guy back. But at the waist or lower. He seems to take offense to the inside brushback pitch that is chest high and above. And I'd have to agree with him. You can control the inside part of the plate without going up and in. I also agree that neither pitcher intended on hitting either batter. But it was intentional to go inside to both hitters.