I hate to bust on Dusty yet again.. But yesterday we were talking about how many games Dusty has won for us this year, I cant think of any.

Well, last night, a good manager gives us a shot.


7th inning, Ramon on second, Stubbs on first, one out and Edgar up.

Why are we not pinch running for Ramon. Why not run with Heisey, or even Leake for that matter if you are worried about an extra inning battle.

If we did that, Leake could have been able to score easily if the ball went over Jay's head, so he would not have had to go half way. He could have tagged and went on to third, and scored on a bad throw from the cut off guy, an impending balk, a wild pitch, or a cue shot by Cueto down the line like the Cards ended up winning on.

Not to mention, if Leake is in, the Cards know he can score on a single, so they may bring Jay in one to two steps to give him a shot at the plate, in that case, Edgar's shot goes to the wall and we score two.

He could have won that game for us, he didnt.