Seemingly since the day he was drafted. He wasn't the pick that many wanted, mainly because he wasn't likely to be available. There is a lot to like about Mesoraco, who's "comeback" has been fun to watch, but no one is a guarantee, so why discount what Grandal is doing?

A+ .296 /.410 /.510 /.920
AA .333 / .351 /.583 /.935

11 HR, 20 2b, 42bb/64k's, 22 years old. Likely stopping into AAA next year. Boom, at the ready, here's your top 5 talent. With all the talk of trading prospects, he's come up a bit, the throne belongs to Mez for now, but why? I mean the numbers are all here for Grandal. Let's not get too spoiled and ignore Grandal's chances at taking over at Catcher. Perhaps others can speak to it, but he could also be 1b or 3b if Mez does work out. With Votto and Rolen out of the long term picture, I see Grandal as a very important piece to our system and not really all that expendable.