The Reds are 1-2 in the Cozart Era but it's early.

A loss hurts worse than a win feels good but a win restores more faith than a loss loses.

A closer should know how to forget but I'd feel better if I knew that he learned.

Instead of Dave Kingman with speed, Drew Stubbs should be Maury Wills with power.

The All-Star selection process makes as much sense as the Electoral College.

The reason more teams don't go with a closer by committee is, have you ever been on a committee?

But the reliever who really saves the game is the one who gets you out of the starter's last inning.

Did Derek Jeter sell his soul for one more day of good baseball?

And which side was Scott Boras negotiating for?

Zack Cozart might be the first time in baseball history when the fans really did know better.