IMO its time for the Reds management to stop deluding themselves & start planning for 2012. We have 3 weeks before the trade deadline to possibly help the team in the future. Also we need to clear some roster space and get some of the future Reds (ie Mes, Frazier, Sapplet) some playing time.

Here is what I'd like to see for 2012...

Catcher: Mes/Hanigan. move Ramon & get Mes us here by August 1rst

1B: Votto

2B: Phillips likely is brought back even though he costs a fair amount of money

SS: Cozart is auditioning now to be the starter next year. if he flops we will have to go get somebody

3B: Rolen is still under contract. I'd get Frazier up here & start getting him some ABs. If he looks good we could pencil him in for 2012. When Rolen can go Frazier can fill in at other spots.

LF: Sappelt. get him up here in August after the trade deadline

CF: Stubbs

RF: Bruce

Bench: Hanigan/Mes, backup SS, Frazier/Rolen, Cairo, Heisey, probably try to get a LH hitter in there somewhere

SP: lots of question marks.
1) Cueto
2) Bailey if healthy
3) Leake
4) Arroyo likely isn't tradable & does eat innings when healthy
5) Wood I suspect
6) I'd prefer Chapman in the mix here and not in the pen

RP: Masset, Bray, Ondrusek, Lecure, etc

Trade bait:
1) Ramon
2) Cordero if anyone wants him
3) Gomes if anyone wants him
4) Volquez
5) Alonso (blocked & likely can't play LF)
6) Grandal (blocked)
7) Francisco (I prefer Frazier as 3B/utility)

what to try and acquire via a trade?
1) first we need to see how Cozart, Frazier & Sappelt do against some big league pitching. then we'll have a better idea of what they might do in 2012
2) upgrade(s) in the rotation. if we have the trade chips and the money then I'd like to see at least one starter better than Cueto added to the team
3) I'd prefer a middle of the order bat either in left field replacing Sappelt or possibly in center field replacing Stubbs (with Sappelt moving to center field)